About RYLA

Iowa RYLA 2022 will be held July 17-22 at Grinnell College. 

If It Is To Be, It Is Up To Me!

Leader: One who, by the power of their positive actions, compels others to positive action.

What is RYLA?
Iowa RYLA, a joint conference of Rotary Districts 5970 and 6000, will be a 6-day leadership conference held at Grinnell College.  Youth will attend from nearly all of Iowa.

Who is eligible?
Iowa RYLA 2022:  High School Sophomores or Juniors (2021-22 school year) may apply.  Generally, the applicants who are selected have excelled in one or more areas of high school involvement and have proven leadership experience or shown leadership potential.

Dates and Place:
Next RYLA:  2:30 PM, Sunday, July 17 through Noon, Friday, July 22, 2022, at Grinnell College.
It is vital that the conferee stay through the entire conference!

The objectives of RYLA are:

  • To encourage and assist youth leaders and potential leaders in methods of responsible and effective leadership by providing them with a training experience.
  • To encourage continued and stronger leadership of youth by youth
  • To publicly recognize the outstanding qualities of many young people who are rendering service to their schools and communities as leaders

The entire focus of RYLA is to provide foundational leadership skills for teenagers.  It has been said that leadership cannot be taught, but it must be learned.  At RYLA there are opportunities to learn leadership skills through experiential activities, incredible speakers, small group discussions, large group presentations, and in building life-long friendships.

Part of the magic of RYLA is not having any expectations going into it, which is why we are rather close-mouthed about exactly what we do.  RYLA keeps the students busy all day every day, but the end result is more than worth the initial scariness of the unknown.

What does it cost?
Your local Rotary club sponsors students by paying the conference fee of $450 per participant.

How to Apply:
Follow the steps below to apply.

  1. First, read the instructions in these steps.
  2. Review the application.  You will find that it will ask you to write responses to the following requests for information.  Before starting, you may want to write your brief responses in your favorite word processor.  Then come back to the application to paste in your responses (remember, brief responses are best):
    • Please introduce yourself to us.
    • List any academic awards have you received.
    • List your school activities and outside activities.
    • List leadership positions have you held in your school, club, church or community.
    • List any youth conferences you have attended.
    • What special talents do you have (i.e. music, art, athletics, writing, drama, others)?
    • Please indicate a few career or personal goals.
  3. Complete the online application form below.
  4. Review your input carefully before clicking the “Submit” button as you will not be able to edit your responses after that.  (If you find you have errors, please contact the RYLA Registrar at Registrar@IowaRYLA.org.)
  5. Contact the RYLA Representative in your local Rotary club who will explain the remaining steps in the application process.  To find Rotary clubs and who to contact, click Rotary contacts.

High School Sophomores and Juniors (2021-22 school year) may apply beginning February 1, 2022! 

Registration closes April 30, 2022. Registration has been extended to May 31, 2022.  Do check with the your local Rotary Club (See Rotary Contacts page) as the club may have already selected students and its slots.  

Best Wishes!

RYLA Registar

If you have any difficulties with your application or have any questions about RYLA, please send an email to:  Registrar@IowaRYLA.org

Student application will be posted here on February 1, 2022.