RYLA Rep Info

The Rotary Club RYLA Representatives are the primary contacts with Iowa RYLA and the students who are eligible to apply. They are key Rotarians who make RYLA successful.

A suggestion for managing the RYLA Rep duties, after reading this page, is to print the RYLA Calendar and refer to it for actions and deadlines.

Periodically, as deadlines near, additional information and reminders will be sent to the RYLA Reps from Registrar@IowaRYLA.org.  Watch for them.

The duties of the Club RYLA Representatives are:

  1. Promote RYLA to schools, youth organizations, parents and club members (Read more . . .)
  2. Follow the student registration process (Read more . . .)
  3. Invite conferees to a Rotary club meeting after RYLA(Read more . . .)

A couple of documents aimed at assisting you are shown in the table below.

View RYLA Flyer (PDF)
View RYLA Calendar

Promote RYLA

RYLA (Rotary Youth Leadership Awards) is a life-changing leadership training program for youth where leadership skills and principles are learned, developed and enhanced in an atmosphere of trust and respect.

Presentations — If you would like a presentation to your club to explain the RYLA Conference, please contact Registrar@IowaRYLA.org to schedule a program.

Iowa RYLA 2021 will be held from 3:00 PM Sunday, July 18 to noon Friday, July 23, 2021 at Grinnell College.

Current high school sophomores and juniors (2020-21 school year) will be eligible to apply beginning March 15.

Students you select must attend the entire conference from Sunday afternoon to Friday noon – NO EXCEPTIONS. Be sure to get that commitment from the students before they are selected.

Student Recruiting Suggestions

  • Visit with high school  counselors and/or Principals to discuss RYLA and help with the selection process.
  • Select at least two alternates in case selected students are unable to attend. Illness, injuries or family emergencies may interfere with attendance; therefore, you need alternates.
  • Select students who have demonstrated the following characteristics:
    • Leadership potential
    • Ability to participate in groups
    • Awareness of current events
    • Good communication skills
    • Good study skills (average or above)
    • Ability to work with others
    • History of community service
  • Most students will be unaware of this wonderful opportunity to gain new leadership skills, self-discovery and confidence. Thus, you will have to work diligently to recruit students. You, no doubt, have imaginative ways to recruit students in your communities and here are some ideas to get those creative juices flowing:
    • Newspaper articles in your local newspaper
    • Local radio and television public service announcements
    • Posters in public and school library, churches and grocery stores, etc., download RYLA flyer, link in table above
    • Short article for school district newsletter
    • In-person conversations with high school principal and counselors
    • Social media: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin and blogs
    • Presentations to your club and other service clubs
    • Rotarians who have children, grandchildren and friends who have children
    • Returning RYLA students (very effective method) (Return to Top)

Follow the Student Registration Process

Request Slots – The deadline for clubs to request slots is March 23. Request your slots by sending an email to Registrar@IowaRYLA.org.  Clubs will be notified of the number of slots allocated by March 31.

Your club must send a check of $350 for each slot allocated to Iowa RYLA Treasurer, PO Box 121, Waukee, IA 50263-0121 not later than April 30.  Please make check out to “Iowa RYLA”. (Return to Top)

Application Process – The student application will be available at IowaRYLA.org on March 15. Application closes April 30.  The steps are as follows:

  • Students complete the application on-line, sign it by typing in their name, have a parent sign it by typing in his or her name and then clicking on the submit button.
  • A copy of the application will be automatically sent to the student, to the RYLA Representative(s) and to the parent(s).
  • When you receive an application, do make contact with the student. Let them know your selection process and your timetable.   Continue to stay in contact with the students throughout the selection process and even up until the conference. (Return to Top)

Select Students — It’s up to the clubs to select the students.

  • Establish your club’s process for selecting students. Select students and alternates for the RYLA conference.
  • Contact each student that applies whether they are selected, chosen as an alternate or not selected.
  • Invite your selected students and their parents to a club meeting prior to RYLA so you can introduce them as your club’s representatives to RYLA.
  • Notify Registrar via email to Registrar@IowaRYLA.org, identifying your selected students by May 15.
  • Iowa RYLA will communicate with each student selected (and parent(s)) three times:
    1. The Registrar sends an email of congratulations to the student shortly after you have selected the student. This is also a test of the email address in preparation for the information packet.
    2. The Registrar sends an information packet via email two to three weeks before the conference with necessary details including a map, where to meet, times and list of things to bring/not bring and emergency contact information.
    3. The assigned Team Leader contacts the student by phone one to two weeks before the conference. (Return to Top)

Verify Student Transportation

The local Rotary club is responsible to make sure the student has transportation to and from the conference.  In most cases the parents will provide the transportation.  It is acceptable for a student to drive to the conference.  They will not be permitted to drive anywhere during the week.

Carpooling with others in your area is another option.  Contact the registrar at Registrar@IowaRYLA.org for other students attending from your geographic region if you wish to arrange carpooling. (Return to Top)

Invite Conferees to a Rotary Club Meeting After RYLA

After RYLA students are required to make a presentation to your Rotary club about their experiences at RYLA and how it has impacted their lives. Assist them in scheduling their presentation to your club. Please invite their parents to this Rotary meeting.  These same students can tell their friends about RYLA and help you recruit students for the following year.

Continue to mentor and engage the students and their families. Invite them to work with you on your service projects. Involve your club in sponsoring an Interact club if the students choose to start one in their school/community. (Return to Top)